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The Spiritual Awakening Stages
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The Spiritual Awakening Stages
- The Stage Of Curiosity
- Beginning of Transformation
- Confusion
- You Feel Alone
- Realization
- Inner Growth
-You Learn The World's Truths
- You Become True To Yourself
- Everything Is Connected
- Acceptance And Surrender
- Gratitude
- Higher Consciousness

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?
A spiritual awakening is the experience of suddenly becoming aware of a higher level of consciousness or intelligence that exists beyond the everyday reality in which we live.
This expanded awareness can be both enlightening and terrifying, depending on what kind of subconscious programming you are bringing to the table.

Emotional/Mental Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening
- Feelings Of Unrest Or Disconnection
- Sudden Interest In Spirituality Or Meditation
- Random Bouts Of Anxiety
- Symptoms Of Depression
- Your Dreams Are Vivid
- You Experience Synchronicities And Déjà Vu
- Physical Symptoms of A Spiritual Awakening

Physical Symptoms Of Awakening Stages
- Sensations of heat or energy rising or "shooting up" in the body (close to the spine)
- Bursts of tingling, tickling, prickling in the body (around the crown of the head, brow-point, and heart space)
- Electric sensations in the extremities of the body
- Perceived light emanating from the body (from the head or heart)
- Disruptions in the digestive system
- Spontaneous involuntary movements (like trembling or shaking)
- Sleep disturbances
- Visions of an archetypal or symbolic nature
- Telepathic experiences
- Feeling spiritual presences
- Hearing sounds or voices aren't produced externally
- Seeing things that aren't physically there
- Sensory sensitivities

The Spiritual Awakening Stages

Are you interested in achieving a spiritual awakening? If so, it's essential to understand the different stages of this experience. To help you out, we'll provide a detailed guide on everything you need to know about the spiritual awakening stages below.

It's also possible that some of these phases aren't experienced by everyone or in a different order. And to help you feel more spiritually inclined, we suggest having a look at How To Have A Spiritual Awakening.

As you become more spiritually aware, you may progress through different levels of spiritual awakening. Each level brings its own challenges and blessings, so paying attention to which level you are currently experiencing is essential.

Spiritual awakening stages graphic

Spiritual awakening stage 1: the stage of curiosity

At the start of your journey to understanding more about life and the world - we call this the 'curiosity' stage - you might start asking big questions. Like, what's the real reason we're here? Is there more to the world than what we can see or touch?

Different things can kick off this stage. Maybe you have a super intense dream or a scary experience where you almost get really hurt. Or, you might just have this feeling growing inside you that there's got to be more to life than just what we do every day.

Spiritual awakening stage 2: beginning of transformation

You might have heard some people talk about a "spiritual awakening" like it's some rare, fancy thing that only happens to a select few. But really, it's something we all can experience. It's like having a light bulb turn on inside us, making us see there's a whole other world beyond just school, friends, and video games.

It's not something that just randomly happens to us and then it's done. Instead, it's more like a journey that happens inside us over time.

The second part of this journey is like putting on a pair of glasses that makes everything look different. You might start questioning stuff you always believed was true and things you once cared about might not seem as important anymore.

Spiritual awakening stage 3: confusion

This part of your spiritual journey can be confusing; things seem different, you have all these questions, but you're hesitant about letting go of all the things that make you - you. 

People who want to explore, understand, and enjoy other aspects of life are in this situation. They wish to discover the other side but are unwilling to depart from their usual routine even for a second, so the battle becomes unnecessarily challenging. [1]

You feel trapped between letting go of the old and letting in all these new things (experiences, beliefs, habits, or preferences). 

Change is often difficult for people to accept. They might feel uncomfortable or even threatened by new ideas that challenge their beliefs. As a result, they may try to avoid confronting these ideas by clinging to their old beliefs. In some cases, they might even go so far as to try to convince others that the new ideas are wrong.

However, this resistance to change can eventually lead to feelings of confusion and distress. When confronted with continuous change, people may begin to doubt their beliefs and feel lost and uncertain. In some cases, they may even revert to their former beliefs to find stability and understanding. [2]

A woman sitting on the edge of a dock and experiencing a spiritual awaking

Spiritual awakening stage 4: you feel alone

This stage is frequently the most miserable and hopeless point of the spiritual awakening. We're at our lowest ebb in this phase, knowing that something must change in our life—and it will have to happen fast. This is ego death, often called the the Dark Night Of The Soul. [3]

You might lose your job, someone close to you may pass, or you could face financial difficulty. Family members or friends distance themselves, treat you poorly, and they might even betray you. Nothing seems to go your way, and you feel as if no one understands you - you can read more about this experience on R/Spirituality.

Because of all your difficulties and ego death, you will feel lost and alone as your old life begins to crumble away. It can be a frightening experience, but the Dark Night Of The Soul is an essential part of the journey to enlightenment. 

Spiritual awakening stage 5: realization

When you get to the fifth part of this journey to understand yourself and the world better, you'll find out something cool - you don't need to change the whole world to make a difference. The real secret is changing yourself, which will naturally affect the people around you.

This is a big step forward in your journey. It helps you see your connections with others in a whole new light. Just by focusing on growing and becoming a better person, you'll end up making a positive impact on the people around you - kind of like throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples spread out.

Spiritual awakening stage 6: inner growth

The spiritual journey is a long, winding road with many twists and turns. Sometimes it can feel like we are walking in circles, only to find ourselves right back where we started. But if we are patient and open to the process, we will reach this point of spiritual growth.

In stage six of the spiritual awakening process, we begin to see the world through a more profound sense of understanding. This is often referred to as the "sponge phase." This is because it is during this time that we explore more about the inner and outer world. We learn new skills and experience new situations. [4]

We are no longer reactive to our surroundings but instead take a more proactive approach. We no longer see life as happening to us but start to see that we are the ones in charge - that we walk our own path.

Spiritual awakening stage 7: you learn the world's truths

A spiritual awakening can be a powerful experience that irrevocably changes your perspective on the world. While there is no single answer to what is true, many people who have gone through a spiritual awakening report greater clarity and understanding about themselves and the world around them.

This newfound understanding leads to profound changes in behavior or lifestyle. In other cases, it provides a renewed sense of purpose and direction. [5]

A woman laying in grass and and experiencing a spiritual awaking

Spiritual awakening stage 8: you become true to yourself

Spiritual awakenings tend to bring out your true self and help you develop self awareness - a spiritual life that means being your true self. And according to the zen Buddhist tradition and Advaita Vedanta, there are four ways to return to your unique path [6]:

  1. Bhakti Yoga: The road of love and devotion
  2. Jnana Yoga: The route of science and intellect
  3. Karma Yoga: The road to selfless service and action lies ahead.
  4. Raja Yoga: The path of meditation and all its associated disciplines

Each path reflects a unique path of personal advancement and enlightenment. Some may choose one while others examine various pathways simultaneously; there are no hard and fast rules for finding your own way. What matters is that it feels right for you and your soul's highest expression.

Spiritual awakening stage 9: everything is connected

A spiritual awakening is a sense of realization that everything is connected. It's a sense of feeling associated with the infinite. This can lead to a sense of oneness with the Universe. Or, according to the National Library Of Medicine, feeling at one with God. It's a sense of belonging to something much larger than ourselves. [7]

This can be a life-changing experience, or it can be a gradual process. It can happen suddenly, or it can occur over time. But when it happens, it's like a lightbulb going off in our heads. You see things differently than we did before.

You become more aware of our own spiritual nature and more attuned to the spiritual dimension around us. According to a study called A Neurotheological Approach to Spiritual Awakening, everything becomes connected when you go through a spiritual awakening. [8]

These essential oils should be able to help you feel more connected to the Universe;

Spiritual awakening stage 10: acceptance and surrender

When you let go of your religious beliefs, you stop trying to impose solutions on situations beyond your control and instead trust that Divine power is managing everything perfectly. [9]

In Hinduism, spiritual surrender is known as the "joy of surrender." It's about stepping outside of all your restrictions, transcending your regular conditioning, and embracing limitless possibilities. The ego is prone to control everything. It establishes the boundaries and limitations in which you limit yourself. Surrender allows you to break free from these confines and become your true self. [10]

Spiritual awakening stage 11: gratitude 

Gratitude is often spoken of as a purely emotional response - we feel thankful for what someone has done for us or appreciate the good fortune we have been blessed with.

However, gratitude can also be seen as a spiritual practice and a stage of awakening. In many spiritual traditions, gratitude is viewed as an essential step on the path to enlightenment. By cultivating gratitude, we open ourselves up to receive more blessings and become more attuned to the flow of abundance in the Universe. [11]

a visual example of someone experiencing a spiritual awaking

Spiritual awakening stage 12: higher consciousness

Higher Consciousness is often thought of as the final stage of spiritual awakening. When an individual reaches Higher Consciousness, they have transcended the ego and the limitations of the material world.

They can connect with the infinite intelligence of the Universe and tap into their own divine nature. Individuals who operate from Higher Consciousness are compassionate, wise, and deeply understand the interconnectedness of all things.They also possess a great deal of personal power and can create their reality with intention and focus. [12]

Many resources are available to help you on your journey if you are interested in reaching Higher Consciousness. Books, teachers, and online courses can all provide guidance and support.

These resources might help you;


Awakening Mind Resources

So, what is a spiritual swakening?

"A Spiritual Awakening is an experience characterized by a sensation of immediate contact, union, or total nondual merging (experience of oneness) with a presumed ultimate reality, such as the universe, "God," or the divine." [13]

A person's ego goes beyond the usual, finite sense of self to encompass a more significant, infinite truth or reality. These deeply embodied, noetic experiences are frequently perceived as a direct connection, communion, or nondual merger with an infinite and universal consciousness known as the "God"/the Universe in perceived oneness.

Subjective spiritual enlightening, whether slow or rapid, induced or natural, is generally accompanied by an ineffable sensation of knowing one's true nature, "remembrance," or "unveiling" beyond description. As a result, individuals may feel that they have transcended time and space and that their physical and mental sensitivity to internal and external stimuli has increased.

Signs of a spiritual awakening

Have you been feeling like something is just not right recently? Maybe you're not quite sure what it is, but you know something has shifted. You may be going through a spiritual awakening if this sounds like you.

There are many signs of a spiritual awakening, varying from person to person.

Feelings of unrest or disconnection

You may start to feel disconnected from the things that used to bring you comfort, and you may find yourself feeling restless and agitated. It's important to remember that these feelings are normal and temporary.

They are simply your mind and body adjusting to the new energies you are experiencing. It takes your body some time to adjust when you start exercising or eating healthier meals, just as it does when you begin working out or changing your diet.

a woman meditating to and experience a spiritual awaking

Sudden interest in spirituality or meditation

A person may have a sudden interest in spirituality or meditation while going through a spiritual awakening. This is because they are becoming more aware of their true nature and looking for ways to connect with the divine.

During this time, they may feel a deep need for peace and stillness, which can be found through spiritual practices such as meditation. They may also start to feel a solid connection to the natural world and all of its creatures. 

Random bouts of anxiety

We may feel more vulnerable and exposed as we open ourselves up to new spiritual experiences. It is not uncommon to feel like we are losing control or that our life is spinning out of control.

These feelings can be extremely frightening, and it is natural to want to resist them. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, and if you're struggling to understand them, give our other blog, Why Am I So Emotional? 14 Reasons Why & What To Do.

Symptoms of depression

Many people experiencing a spiritual awakening go through a period of depression. This is because they realize how unhappy they have been and how much they have numbed themselves with food, alcohol, drugs, work, etc.

They may also feel like they are losing their identity and that their life is falling apart. It is essential to realize that this is a normal and necessary part of the process. You'll learn to be your true self through a spiritual awakening.

Your dreams are vivid

During a spiritual awakening, our consciousness expands, and we become more open to receiving messages from the other side. As a result, our dreams often become more vivid and explicit.

We may start seeing symbols that have personal meaning or even receive clear instructions from our guides. While it can be disconcerting at first, paying attention to our dreams can help us navigate this challenging time in our lives.

You experience synchronicities and déjà Vu

As you awaken spiritually, you become more attuned to the energies and patterns that connect us and all of creation.

This can lead to a sense of déjà vu, as it feels like you've experienced something before because, in a way, you have - on a soul level. You may also find that you start noticing more and more synchronicities in your life.

You'll even start noticing angel numbers show up more. You can read more about them through our blogs, Meaning Behind The 110 Angel Number and Why You're Seeing The 1244 Angel Number. 

These events seem meaningfully connected, even though they may not be logically related. For example, you may repeatedly see the same number sequence or run into someone you know in unexpected places.

A woman floating and and experiencing a spiritual awaking

Physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening

  • sensations of heat or energy rising or "shooting up" in the body (close to the spine)
  • bursts of tingling, tickling, prickling in the body (around the crown of the head, brow-point, and heart space)
  • electric sensations in the extremities of the body
  • perceived light emanating from the body (from the head or heart)
  • disruptions in the digestive system
  • spontaneous involuntary movements (like trembling or shaking)
  • sleep disturbances
  • visions of an archetypal or symbolic nature (sometimes accompanying experiences of astral projection)
  • telepathic experiences
  • feeling spiritual presences
  • hearing sounds or voices aren't produced externally
  • seeing things that aren't physically there
  • sensory sensitivities

All these symptoms are confirmed by the National Library Of Medicine's study Spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings, and each of these symptoms will be different for every individual experiencing a spiritual awakening.

If you're unsure whether or not you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, the best thing to do is to consult with a trusted spiritual teacher or counselor. They can help you identify the signs and offer guidance on how to best navigate this tumultuous time.


If you're unsure whether you're experiencing a spiritual awakening, it's critical to be receptive to the process and change.

We hope this post has been beneficial and provided some valuable information on spiritual awakening and how it may affect your life.

Questions and answers

How do you know when you have fully awakened spiritually?

You'll know when you're fully awakened due to a deepened sense of interconnectedness with all life, increased compassion and empathy for others, a greater sense of purpose or meaning in life, and increased awareness of the cosmic or spiritual dimensions of existence. If you feel like you may have awakened spiritually and are looking for further guidance, exploring different spiritual traditions or practices that resonate with you may be helpful.

What's The Biggest Challenge Faced After A Spiritual Awakening?

For many people, the biggest challenge after a spiritual awakening is making sense of their experience. They may feel like they've been hit by a freight train, because suddenly they're seeing things differently and their old way of life doesn't make sense anymore. There can be a disconnect with friends and family who don't understand what's happening, and it can be challenging to explain it to them. It's common to feel like you don't fit in anymore because you see the world through new eyes. 

Is A Spiritual Awakening The Same For Everyone?

No. Everyone's experience of spiritual awakening is unique because everyone's individual makeup is unique. What triggers one person's spiritual awakening may not trigger another person's, and the experience of a spiritual awakening can be different for each person who goes through it. Some people might experience a sudden shift in their awareness or an intense moment of clarity, while others might gradually become more aware over time. Some people might have profound insights and spiritual realizations, while others might simply feel a sense of peace and connectedness.

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